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Silicone Food Bags Manufacturer

Custom Silicone Food Bags

Struggle with plastic waste and food storage issues? Our customizable silicone food bags are the solution: durable, eco-friendly, and versatile. Perfect for any storage need, they’re a sustainable choice that reflects your brand’s commitment to quality and the environment.

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Advantages of RuiYang Silicone Food Bags

Durability 1

Adaptability to Your Needs

From classic to contemporary designs.

Flexible 1

Variety in Design

Enhance your product range with our aesthetic, diverse mold options.

Choke Protection Guard

Premium Food-Grade Silicone

Ensuring safety and taste integrity.

Easy to Clean

Effortless Maintenance

Dishwasher-safe, freeing up your staff’s time.

Silicone Food Bags Features

Silicone Food Bags: The Sustainable Choice for Freshness.

  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • Leak-proof seal
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Freezer and boil-proof
  • Non-toxic and BPA-free
  • Customizable designs

silicone food bag 15
silicone food bag 17

Silicone Food Bags Types or Applications

Silicone Food Bags: Versatile Solutions for Every Storage Need.

  • Snack storage
  • Sous-vide cooking
  • Freezing fruits and vegetables
  • Marinating meats
  • Sandwich and lunch bags
  • Liquid storage (soups, stocks)
  • Travel toiletries organization
  • Baby food storage
  • Portion control and meal prep
  • Cheese and deli meats storage

Silicone Food Bags Customization

Customize Your Silicone Food Bags for Unique, Eco-Friendly Storage.

  • Size and Capacity: Tailor the bags to fit specific portions, from small snacks to large meals, optimizing storage efficiency.
  • Color and Branding: Choose colors to match your brand or coding system, and add logos for a personalized touch that stands out.
  • Closure Type: Select from ziplock, slider, or press-seal closures to best suit your product’s accessibility and security needs.
  • Material Grade: Opt for food-grade silicone that meets specific standards, such as FDA approval, for safety and quality assurance.

silicone food bag 11

Silicone Food Bags Manufacturing Process

Crafting Eco-Friendly Silicone Food Bags: A Glimpse Into Precision Manufacturing.

  • Design Conceptualization: Starting with detailed designs to ensure functionality, including size, features, and closure options.
  • Material Selection: Choosing high-quality, food-grade silicone that’s safe, durable, and eco-friendly, meeting strict industry standards.
  • Color Mixing and Additives: Integrating colors and any necessary additives to the silicone for brand alignment and enhanced properties.
  • Mold Making: Creating precise molds based on the finalized design to shape the silicone into the desired food bag form.
  • Silicone Injection: Injecting the silicone mixture into molds and curing at high temperatures to form the food bags with accurate dimensions and features.
  • Trimming and Quality Check: Removing excess material and conducting thorough inspections to ensure each bag meets quality and safety standards.

rysilicone silicone manufacturing 3

Why Choose RuiYang as Silicone Food Bags Manufacturer

10 years experience

Rich market experience makes us familiar with the products and market requirements of different wholesale customers

  • 8 production lines
  • Manufacturing 50000 pcs daily
  • Export to 30+ countries
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Strict Quality Control

Safe and non-toxic raw materials and strict production quality control ensure that every product is safe and reliable.

  • 100% safe raw material
  • Full quality inspection
  • US FDA standard
QC 2 1

Wholesale OEM/ODM Services

Ruiyang provides a variety of wholesale customization services to suit customers’ different designs and product needs.

  • Customized service for design, color, packaging
  • Cost advantage of mass production
  • Fast lead time and delivery
RuiYang Silicone RD 2 1

Skyrocket Your Business with Silicone Food Bags

Elevate your brand with custom silicone food bags. Perfect for sustainability and style. Contact us today to bring your vision to life!

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