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Quality Control at RuiYang

Perfect starts with the details

As a professional manufacturer of silicone products, RuiYang have an independent quality inspection department to ensure the quality of the products we provide to our customers.

Our quality inspection department and manufacturing department work together, from raw material, to mold making, to bulk product appearance, packaging, to guarantee the quality of the final product.

Finish checks

Ruiyang product inspection includes physical inspection and chemical composition safety testing.

Physical inspection includes appearance, color, weight, packing, etc.

Through automatic machine and manual two inspection procedures ensure the product is same as sample customer confirmed.

rysilicone quality management

Chemical Composition Testing

Because many of our products are baby products, or kitchen utensils, they must pass food safety testing before released for sale. Therefore, we will hand over randomly selected samples to a third-party professional testing agency for testing and issue a formal report.

Our checkpoints

Appearance inspection





AppearanceNo burrs, cracks, tear, smell and stain
Cadmium(Cd)≤ 75 mg/kg
Lead(Pb)≤ 100 mg/kg
Arsenic(As)≤ 25 mg/kg
Antimony(Sb)≤ 60 mg/kg

RuiYang Testing Certificates

Quality is a team effort

Producing high-quality silicone products requires a team to work together, including purchasing, production line operators, quality inspectors, packers, etc. Our inspection requirements provide precise inspection standards that enable us to meet your quality requirements.

Rysilicone quality control
Rysilicone quality control
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