A Streamlined Supply Chain: All-Round Services

Turn your conception into Amazing Silicone product

Our design and manufacturing teams provide extensive expertise to support you in defining your silicone products project.

We offer one-stop silicone manufacturing services, backed by silicone experts and more than 10 years of research in the silicone industry.

Each individual service is specifically divided, and you will receive careful support at every stage of the project, from the original design of the product to the after-sales service which were established by RuiYang.

We create silicone product for you that will best suit your project, your markets and your clients

Free samples are available to check the quality and design before purchase

From high quality raw materials to standard silicone production lines, from mold development to automated packaging technology, we’v got you covered.

From factory audit to full silicone product inspection of every phase, quality is always our culture. 

With enough warehouse space and flexible logistics options, we are ready to serve you.

Our team support you on the ground to guarantee efficiency and solve any problems of silicone.