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Custom Silicone Baby Teether Manufacturer in China

RuiYang Silicone Baby Teether

RuiYang is a leading manufacturer of silicone teethers, and its products have passed the US FDA certification test. Our teethers are made of safe, BPA free and non-toxic food grade silicone. Silicone teethers are widely used to provide comfortable and safe comfort for babies, helping them through the relaxing teething period. Unlike plastic, silicone teethers are guaranteed to be soft, freezer-friendly and easy to maintain, and various cartoon designs provide fun for babies to chew.

As a professional manufacturer of silicone products, in addition to providing thousands of standard self-owned products, we are fully capable of providing customized silicone teethers according to your size, color and design specifications.

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Advantages of RuiYang Silicone Baby Teethers

High Quality

We guarantee that all raw materials for the production of teether are 100% food grade, safe and non-toxic.


Soft material and gentle corner design won’t hurt baby’s gums.

Easy to Clean

It is very easy to clean, leaving no dead space and avoiding the growth of bacteria.

Affordable Price

Strict supply chain control enables us to well control the cost of each link and reduce your procurement costs.

Silicone Baby Teether Features

Ruiyang offers baby teether with different functions, such as:

  • Non-slip surface
  • High elasticity
  • Soft and chewy
  • Soothing
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Features a good grip
  • Durable
  • Can endure distress

Silicone Baby Teether Manufacturing

  • Design
  • Sampling
  • Mold processing
  • Mixing
  • Manufacturing
  • Inspection
  • Packing and Shipping

Silicone Baby Teether Safe to Use

These Teethers from Ruiyang are made from 100% food grade silicone. Our silicones are FDA and CPS certified.

  • BPA free
  • No lead
  • No glue
  • No Cobalt phthalate
  • No BPS

Why Choose RuiYang as Silicone Baby Teether Supplier

10 years experience

Rich market experience makes us familiar with the products and market requirements of different wholesale customers

  • 8 production lines
  • Manufacturing 50000 pcs daily
  • Export to 30+ countries

Strict Quality Control

Safe and non-toxic raw materials and strict production quality control ensure that every product is safe and reliable.

  • 100% safe raw material
  • Full quality inspection
  • US FDA standard

Wholesale OEM/ODM Services

Ruiyang provides a variety of wholesale customization services to suit customers’ different designs and product needs.

  • Customized service for design, color, packaging
  • Cost advantage of mass production
  • Fast lead time and delivery

Skyrocket Your Business with RuiYang Silicone Teether

Ruiyang is an experienced and reliable food grade silicone baby safety teether supplier. We provide strict quality inspection, competitive price, personalized customized service, fast delivery and timely after-sales service support.

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