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A Dedicated R&D Team

RuiYang Silicone R&D: monitoring changes from a medium to long-term perspective


We have a dedicated R&D team and an efficient system to keep abreast of developments in silicone products. The primary goal of our R&D is to provide our customers with advanced information on global trends and marketing strategies for silicone products.

This has allowed us to integrate production and concept well with our own, and to work with them to produce popular, trending silicone products. Moreover, by constantly taking insights and extending new ways of working, our R&D has become more and more efficient and effective.

Our Capabilities

Expertise cover all aspects of the development loop

In-depth industry & market analysis

RuiYang has over 10 years of experience in the industry and can handle a wide range of customers’ challenges. We have the knowledge and skills to successfully learn our clients’ target markets and provide viable silicone product solutions, or do other tasks that our clients require.

Complete technology support

Our engineers are specialized in understanding market and demands, and are focused on producing the best silicone products for our clients. An excellent combination of material, color, and function is what makes our solutions for customer advanced. We also pay high attention to intelligence protection, which is a very important part of our services.

Our R&D Goals:

Market Oriented

Industry Expertise